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Colleges & Universities

Free and Low-Cost Services for Your Institution

Through the years, the Clearinghouse has regularly been approached by institutions to expand our services to meet their growing compliance, administrative, student access, accountability, and analytical needs. As a result, our service line now comprises four areas:

Transcript Ordering℠: A free service for your college that lets your students and alumni order transcripts online 24/7 and offers the convenience of immediate, secure electronic delivery.

Electronic Transcript Exchange℠: A simple, secure, and easy way for you and your trading partners to send and receive an unlimited number of transcripts via our secure network at no cost.

SPEEDE Server: Free, secure electronic data exchanges for your institution and its solutions providers.

Reverse Transfer: Nationwide service that automates the exchange of course and grade data in order to enable eligible students to receive associate degrees.

Enrollment Reporting: Financial aid student enrollment verifications and deferments provided on your behalf to lending organizations and NSLDS.

Gainful Employment Reporting: Submission of your Gainful Employment reports to ED.

Audit Resource Center: Guidance, assistance, and tools for audits.

StudentTracker®: Allows you to research postsecondary enrollment and degree records to improve your educational research results and enrollment management efforts. Ask your Clearinghouse rep how you can qualify for free StudentTracker.

StudentTracker® for Outreach: Enables outreach program administrators to accurately track the postsecondary enrollment and degrees of their program participants.

Free Research Reports: Our Research Center publishes reports on student pathways, student outcomes, and enrollment trends throughout the year. You can read all of our free research reports at

Postsecondary Data Partnership: Helps institutions gain a fuller picture of student progress and outcomes, meet various reporting requirements, and use data to help students.

DegreeVerify℠: Frees your staff from manually verifying degrees for employers, background search firms, and recruiters.

EnrollmentVerify℠: Provides instant enrollment verifications 24/7 so your students can quickly qualify for valuable discounts.

Student Self-Service℠: Lets your students perform a wide range of online enrollment verification and other activities. Free with DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify.