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Our Privacy Commitment


Trusted & Secure

Education's Trusted Partner

Our education partners trust the National Student Clearinghouse because they know we take our commitment to student privacy very seriously. We have maintained the confidentiality and privacy of the student records in our care since our beginning in 1993. We are scrupulous in our concern for student privacy and compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects students' privacy rights in their education records.

Student Privacy Pledge

Signer of the Student Privacy Pledge

The Clearinghouse has signed the Student Privacy Pledge, sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and The Future of Privacy Forum. As a signatory, the Clearinghouse has pledged to safeguard student privacy by agreeing to a set of commitments related to the collection, maintenance, and use of student personal information.

iKeepSafe's Ferpa Badge

Recipient of iKeepSafe's FERPA Badge

The Clearinghouse is the first recipient of's FERPA badge, which was awarded to its StudentTracker for High Schools service and National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Center. iKeepSafe, the leading digital safety and privacy nonprofit, requires companies participating in its FERPA assessment undergo rigorous annual evaluation, including privacy policy and practices, data security, and encryption practices.

Student Data Principles Logo

Recipient of iKeepSafe's California Student Privacy Badge

The Clearinghouse was awarded iKeepSafe's California Student Privacy Badge for its StudentTracker for High Schools service and National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Center. iKeepSafe's California Student Privacy Badge is the first independent assessment program specifically tailored to emerging student data privacy legislation, including the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA).

Student Data Principles Logo

Student Data Principles Supporter

The Clearinghouse is an official supporter of the Student Data Principles, which represent a landmark effort by major national education associations and others to guide the use and protection of student information. Supporters agree to abide by the 10 shared principles to guide their data policies and practices and ensure that student information is protected and used to support students.

Complies with AICPA's Trust Services Principals

Through its SOC 2 report, the Clearinghouse demonstrates how it meets the controls related to the Trust Services Principals, as defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA): security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.

Student Data Principles Logo

Data Privacy Day Champion

The Clearinghouse was recognized as a "Data Privacy Day Champion" by the National Cyber Security Alliance and cited in its Data Privacy Day 2017 impact report for its successful internal training and awareness campaign on the importance of privacy.


How We Work with Verification Requestors

The Clearinghouse requires all verification requestors to certify that the student or alumnus has applied for employment or a product or service dependent on student or alumni status. Requestors also agree not to re-release degree data to third parties (unless the requestor is a background screening firm releasing data to their employer client).

The Clearinghouse only releases information that confirms an individual's degrees and academic credentials. We do not confirm addresses or the accuracy of Social Security numbers provided by requestors. To further ensure security and privacy, we maintain an audit trail of requestors' identities, including Internet Protocol Addresses (IP address) and telephone numbers.

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